Promoting drip irrigation

KRA Business Social Enterprise

KRA recently went commercial by launching a new business wing which has been registered as a limited private company -Agro-Tech Innovations Development Services (ATIDS)-in short Agro-Tech. The business wing aims to bring viable technological innovations closer to farmers using a business approach that incorporates other stakeholders such as micro-finance institutions and banks to offer affordable credit to farmers while Agro-Tech [&hellip...

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Gabriel Negatu, Regional Director-AfDB, Prof. Patrick Home and Dr. Stephen Ngigi of GHARP/KRA Secretariat

New Partnership

Livelihoods of most rural communities in the arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL), which cover about 80% of Kenya and 70% of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA), are frequently disrupted...

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KRA resource centre. Source: KRA


KRA produce and disseminate information on rainwater harvesting for a range of readerships and stakeholders. KRA and its members continue to produce a wealth of useful publications ranging from journal...

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