We are Moving

Beginning 1st October 2014, Kenya Rainwater Offices will have moved their offices from their current location in Hurlingham to their newly acquired offices in Kikuyu Town! The new office is located 500 metres from Kikuyu town at Kidfarmaco Estate, next to Manyatta Avenue. For more details on how to locate us kindly contact us on +254 715 935 065. We [&hellip...

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Promoting drip irrigation

KRA Business Wing

KRA recently went commercial by launching a new business wing which has been registered as a limited private company -Agro-Tech Innovations Development Services (ATIDS)-in short Agro-Tech. The business wing aims...

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KRA resource centre. Source: KRA


KRA produce and disseminate information on rainwater harvesting for a range of readerships and stakeholders. KRA and its members continue to produce a wealth of useful publications ranging from journal...

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