The Ethiopian Rainwater Harvesting  Association (ERHA) was formed after the workshop in Arusha during which it was resolved to start Rainwater Associations in individual countries in the Southern and Eastern Africa Region. ERHA was established as a result of initiatives taken by concerned Ethiopians who recognized: 

  • The need to alleviate the severe water shortage in many parts of Ethiopia  through utilizing the rainwater resource for domestic water supply, food production and environmental needs and

  • The tremendous role that could be played by CSOs in spearheading rainwater harvesting initiatives in Ethiopia.

ERHA was established in 1999 and formally registered on 5th December 2001, with the Federal Ministry of Justice of FDRE. The Association established its Secretariat on 1st July 2002. ERHA has a detailed 5 years strategic plan, which guides its operations. The aspirations of ERHA can be summarized as follows:

  • Improved access to water for all;

  • Transparency, accountability functions / objectives;

  • Networking, research and promotion of RWH;

  • Capacity building for stakeholders;

  • Resource mobilization;

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