EU/Skillshare – Year 3/4

Building of ecosan latrine chamber, Narok South district. Source: KRA

Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA) is currently working very hard on the next phase of the European Union (EU)/Skillshare International project and is excavating a huge 20,000m3 water pan in Narok South district. The water pan will serve the water needs of over 600 households, a primary school, and 5,000 livestock and wildlife. For this project site, UK-based donor, Wherever the Need, is also a main co-funder.

The water pan will look like this image of one already constructed by KRA in Narok North and will have separate water points for livestock (cattle trough) and human (community water point) use. Currently, the excavation is well under way with local artisans and community members working with KRA to get the job done.

Due for completion in September 2011, the project will also boast of ecosanitation (ecosan) latrines for which funding has been provided by Wherever the Need. These latrines help transform waste into wealth with their simple mechanism which can convert waste into useful fertiliser within six months. For more on ecosan latrines, read our technical guide. For more on the EU/Skillshare Project visit our Kenya Projects page.

Tractor excavates water pan, Narok South district, Kenya. Source: GHARP/KRA

Water pan, Narok North (similar for Narok South). Source: KRA

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EU/Skillshare Project Photos

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