KRA Wins Challenge!

A child drinks clean water from a KRA tank, Kenya. Source: GHARP/KRA

Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA) has successfully won a permanent spot on the Global Giving website. By the end of the challenge, KRA had managed to raise $4,720 from 87 donations in a bid to build a rainwater harvesting system for Matuiku Primary School in Ndaragwa Division in Nyandarua North District  of Kenya. The school has no running water and sub-standard sanitation facilities.

What is Global Giving?

Global Giving is an international online giving platform.  Our permanent place on the site means that KRA can now access international donors who are used to online donations via credit and debit card. Global Giving works hard to give opportunities for online giving presence to any non-profit who can successfully complete one of their challenges and pass their due diligence process.

Our Rainwater Harvesting Project

The children of Matuiku Primary School urgently need access to clean water and improved sanitation. KRA’s goal is to raise a total of $17,210 in order to provide the pupils with a rainwater storage tank, farm pond with drip irrigation, improved latrines, and capacity building. This project will improve the health and education of 137 students and give them a better chance of securing a good education with less time spent collecting water and fewer sick days. The photos below show the types of technologies we plan to introduce! KRA implements low-cost, sustainable projects in partnership with the community.

KRA will install a roof catchment system and water tank (50,000 litres) like this one. Source: GHARP/KRAPlanned farm pond (50,000 litres) and drip irrigation (230-litres). Source: GHARP/KRA


We Won The Challenge – Why Are We Still Fundraising?

We were very successful in the challenge and achieved our goal of $4,000. However, the total cost to build a rainwater harvesting system for Matuiku Primary School is $17,210. We will continue to source donations and fundraise in many ways, until we reach the project cost. Please donate if you can via our Global Giving site.

Matuiku Primary School Receives Tank Gift from Top Tank

Read our blog post to find out how Matuiku Primary School has benefited from local company, Tile and Carpet Centre Ltd., with a donation of a 10,000-litre plastic water tank, branded Top Tank.


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