Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA) is a professional, non-profit and non-political national membership organization, which brings together individuals, institutions and organizations actively involved in enhancing rainwater harvesting and utilization. Kenya Rainwater Association was registered in 1994, under the Societies Act and its activities complement those of individuals, institutions, private companies, NGO's and Government efforts in the water sector. The current National Development Plan also emphasizes the promotion and utilization of rainwater for sustainable development and this is what KRA is striving to achieve.

Benefits of Membership include

  • Access to technical and professional advice

  • Receipt of the Associationís newsletter

  • Opportunities for participation in meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences

  • Training and research opportunities

  • Product marketing and advertisement

  • Joint rainwater harvesting projects between KRA and Community-based Organizations

To register as a member please contact the KRA Secretariat.

To get the full Membership Document CLICK HERE

Core Values 

The activities of KRA members and employees are guided by the core values:  

  • Non-partisan in all activities.

  • Accountability and transparency.  

  • Commitment in our work.

  • Being responsible and cooperative at all times.

  • Sensitivity to gender, cultural diversity and protocols..

  • Commitment to protection, conservation and management of the environment.

  • Integrity.

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