Media Articles

KRA projects regularly feature in print and online media articles. In Kenya, publications such as Saturday Nation newspaper and ANEW Voice magazine have all published articles on the work of Kenya Rainwater Association. Read on to discover our archive of media articles and our recent press releases.






Newspaper and Magazine articles

‘Maji ya Sare’ (Water for Free) – KRA provides advice on water and sanitation in Shujaaz FM youth comic, a Saturday Nation supplement, 6th August 2011.  Comic is in Kiswahili/Sheng.
Maji ya Sare (Water for Free)  Maji ya Sare (Water for Free)
‘Drought and Drying Rivers make Life in Baringo Daily Strife’ – KRA Koibatek/Mogotio project launch features in Kenya’s The People newspaper (June 2011)
The People article_KRA Mogotio launch_June 2011
‘Umande Rainwater Harvesting Project’ – KRA features in Kenya’s Hortfresh journal (November/December 2010)
Hortfresh Journal KRA article_Dec 2010
‘Rainwater Harvesting: An Easy, Affordable, and Sustainable Method of Providing Water’ – KRA features in East African Builder magazine (December 2010)
East African Builder KRA Article_December 2010
‘Rainwater Harvesting in Schools’ – KRA features in ANEW Voice magazine (September 2010)
\'Rainwater Harvesting in Schools\' KRA article (ANEW Voice, September 2010)
‘Laikipia Farmers Take the Lead’ – KRA features in East Africa’s Horticultural News magazine (July 2010)
\'Laikipia Farmers Take the Lead\' KRA article (Horticultural News, July 2010)
‘Rainwater Harvesting Brings New Hope’ – KRA features in Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper (March 2010)
Saturday Nation article_KRA_March 2010

Blog Posts

‘Rainwater Harvesting brings Hope to Iltumtum Community’ – KRA features in IRC Source blog  (October 2010)

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Journalists – please contact GHARP should you have any requirements for stories, case studies, or information on rainwater harvesting for your publications or programmes. We can also provide authoritative speakers on rainwater harvesting technologies.

Press Releases

KRA press release for World Earth Day 2011 (22nd April)

KRA Press Release for World Earth Day 2011

KRA press release for World Water Day 2011 (22nd March)

KRA Press Release for World Water Day 2011