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The KRA  Mvua newsletter is published bi-annually with financial support from the African Development Bank/ African Water Facility Project. The newsletter aims to share information, updates, case studies and promote learning on rainwater harvesting and management (RHM) and related technologies.  Articles and updates are contributed by members of KRA, partners  and other key stakeholders. To subscribe to the newsletter email list and receive your copy every six months (July and December) then click here to go to the contact form.




Newsletter Archive

The newsletter is archived so you can read past issues. Please see the links below.

December 2011_Mvua Issue 19  December 2011_Mvua Issue 19     July 2011_Mvua Issue 18  July 2011_Mvua Issue 18


December 2010 Mvua Issue 17  December 2010 Mvua Issue 17     July 2010_Mvua Issue 16  July 2010_Mvua Issue 16


December 2009_Mvua Issue 15  December 2009_Mvua Issue 15     June 2009_Mvua Issue 14  June 2009_Mvua Issue 14

December 2012 Mvua Issue 21  December 2012 Mvua Issue 21

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If you would like to write for Mvua newsletter, we are always interested in receiving submissions on rainwater harvesting-related topics as well as issues surrounding food security and environmental conservation. Articles should be 2-3 A4 sides in length and include photos with captions, and case studies where possible. All submissions should arrive no later than end of May (for July issue) and end of October (for December issue). Please use the contact form to email your submission.


If you would like to advertise in the Mvua newsletter then we have a range of competitive advert sizes and rates for you to choose from. The magazine is distributed widely by soft and hard copy to many key stakeholders. Please use the contact form to enquire about our rates and copy deadlines.