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KRA produce and disseminate information on rainwater harvesting for a range of readerships and stakeholders. KRA and its members continue to produce a wealth of useful publications ranging from journal articles to annual reports to PHd theses. Read on to access our archive of publications.




Rainwater Harvesting for Improved Food Security: Promising Technologies in the Greater Horn of Africa, by Dr. Stephen Ngigi

'Rainwater Harvesting for Improved Food Security' (book) [DOWNLOAD]

Learn about rainwater harvesting and its applicati0n across the Greater Horn of Africa in this book by the Projects Co-ordinator of KRA, Dr. Stephen Ngigi. It explains  simple, effective rainwater harvesting technologies with case studies from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania. Technologies include rainwater storage systems (e.g. earth dams, sand dams, rock catchments, farm ponds) and drip irrigation. The book promotes the potential for rainwater harvesting to transform agricultural productivity and food security. ISBN: 9966-9767-1-X, 266 pages. Download! Or click here to email your request to buy a hard copy for KSh900 from KRA.

Annual Reports, Strategic Plans, Workshop Proceedings

Greater Horn of Africa Rainwater Partnership (GHARP)

GHARP Strategic Plan 2009-15  GHARP Strategic Plan 2009-15

Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA)

KRA Annual Report 2010  KRA Annual Report 2010  KRA Annual Report 2009  KRA Annual Report 2009    


[Download not found]  KRA Strategic Plan 2009-15  KRA Strategic Plan 2009-15


KRA Workshop Proceedings on EU-Skillshare Project Planning Workshop 2008  KRA Workshop Proceedings on EU-Skillshare Project Planning Workshop 2008


Rainwater Association of Somalia (RAAS)
RAAS Strategic Plan 2008-10  RAAS Strategic Plan 2008-10
Uganda Rainwater  Association (URWA)

Uganda Rainwater Association (URWA) Bulletins

Vol.8, Issue18_Dec 2009-June 2010  Vol.8, Issue18_Dec 2009-June 2010       Vol.7, Issue17_March-August2009  Vol.7, Issue17_March-August2009


Vol.6, Issue16_Jan-June 2008  Vol.6, Issue16_Jan-June 2008

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