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The following are RAAS main activities

  • Networking activities with rainwater associations in the region and internationally and strengthening national and sub-regional activities.

  • Establishment of interim RAAS secretariat at ISRA and the development of a five year strategic business plan which involves enhancement of RAAS governance structure and operational capacity.

RAAS Quarterly Activity Update

July, 2006 

  • RAAS organized a meeting with GHARP/KRA to develop a proposal titled “sustainable interventions to recurrent related crises in Baidoa and Burhakaba districts of southern Somalia” to apply humanitarian response fund for Somalia administrated by UNOCHA, Somalia. At the second week of July the proposal was submitted to the requested funding agency (UNOCHA).

  • RAAS conducted membership recruitment exercise and endorsed new membership NGO’s including.

  • ISRA Based in Baydhabo

  • BWDN Based in Baydhabo

  •  ASEP Based in Gedo

  •  SEDHURO Based in Kismayo

  •  ARAO Based in Tiyeglow

  •  SORDA Based in Mogadishu

  •  JCC based in Bu’ale

  •  RUDO Based in Jilib

  •  CORD Based in Mogadishu

  •  WARDI, Based in Hiran

 August 2006

  • RAAS conducted sensitization meetings with, water project managers of international NGOs and UN – Agencies for Somalia and agreed RWH to put in line of all agencies interventions as well as water strategic frame work for Somalia which is already done, during the sensitization meetings, water project mangers of all international partners considered the importance of RWH resource centre initially based in Nairobi and shift to Somalia in the future. RWH is new in the humanitarian emergency and development programs in Somali. Planners and water project manager are required references, technical documents etc. therefore, resource centre (even small) is very useful for planners and water project managers and it will contribute to the achievement of effective RWH projects based on the past experiences. It was also considered the need for technical support and training from senior project managers up-to the grassroots.

  • RAAS and GHARP/KRA attended a meeting for the proposal defending with UNOCHA, Somalia and questions asked by UNOCHA senior officers were responded and at last UNOCHA were convinced about the importance of the proposal in response to the recurrent drought related crises.

  • RAAS attended a two days workshop of consolidated appeal projects (CAP) – 2007 for Somalia, held at Windsor Hotel in Nairobi, RAAS succeeded RWH integrated into water sanitation strategic priorities in 2007.

September, 2006

  • RAAS in collaboration with CHARP/KRA, provided technical support for the proposal development to ASEP, a local NGO member of RAAS, and submitted to Norwegian Church AID, (NCY) which was approved.

  • ASEP/RAAS as one part and GHARP/KRA another part was signed letter of understanding (LOU) for the implementation of the proposed project. 

  • RAAS facilitated to employ three technical consultants selected by GHARP/KRA and paid by ASEP through GHARP/KRA.


RAAS has three years strategic plan (2006-2008) developed in a participatory manner; the main focus of this strategic plan is; 

  • To facilitate the establishment of proper links, networking and collaboration mechanisms within diverse staekholders involved in rainwater harvesting activities in Somalia.

  • Awareness creation, publicity and policy advocacy.

  • To coordinate and facilitate the promotion of appropriate approaches and technologies on RWH in Somalia.

  • To strengthen institutional capacity of RAAS enabling to carryout its mandate efficiently and effectively.

  • Research and technology development.

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