Rainwater Harvesting farmpond in Laikipia East

Mvua Newsletter

The KRA  Mvua newsletter is published bi-annually with financial support from the African Development Bank/ African Water Facility Project. The newsletter aims to share information, updates, case studies and promote learning on rainwater harvesting and management (RHM) and related technologies.  Articles and updates are contributed by...

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Sat Nation Newspaper article_March 2010

Media Articles

KRA projects regularly feature in print and online media articles. In Kenya, publications such as Saturday Nation newspaper and ANEW Voice magazine have all published articles on the work of Kenya Rainwater Association. Read on to discover our archive of media articles and our recent...

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Video camera

Photos, Video, Audio

KRA is always striving to ensure greater visibility and understanding of its rainwater harvesting work. In recent years, KRA work has featured on radio shows and on TV programmes. Continue on to access our archive of TV and radio clips about our work. We also...

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KRA resource centre. Source: KRA


KRA produce and disseminate information on rainwater harvesting for a range of readerships and stakeholders. KRA and its members continue to produce a wealth of useful publications ranging from journal articles to annual reports to PHd theses. Read on to access our archive of publications....

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