‘Trees for Health’ at Matuiku School

Children of Matuiku Primary School welcome visitors from KRA and AAR. Source: GHARP/KRA.

The children and staff of Matuiku Primary School received good news last week! Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA) and AAR Health have partnered to assist the school with a ‘Trees for Health’ programme as part of the Global Giving project.

Hundreds of Tree Seedlings

This year, during the month of August, KRA ran a large fundraising campaign for Matuiku Primary School to raise funds to construct a rainwater harvesting and management system. You can read more about the project and donate via Global Giving here. We achieved our goal of raising over $4,000 which was fantastic! But in order to complete the whole project we need to raise a total of $17,210.

While running the campaign, AAR, a health provider in the East Africa region, offered to help! They pledged to assist us via their ‘Trees for Health’ project which is part of the AAR Beckmann Trust. AAR will provide 100s of seedlings to Matuiku School, as well as a combined health programme which will involve bi-annual visits and de-worming. AAR’s projects encourage environmental sustainability as the trees grown at the schools will replace those that are cut down for firewood.


Head Teacher’s Vision for the Future

KRA and AAR visited Matuiku School on 6th October 2011 and met with Mr. John Ndegwa, the Head Teacher, and with teachers from the school and neighbouring schools. There was real enthusiasm for ‘Trees for Health’ and AAR plans to expand the project to other schools close to Matuiku. The day ended on a high with three schools signing up for the scheme! Mr. Ndegwa said: ‘We will commit ourselves to changing things and we will change this school. We have a shortage of water here and the river is very far, and dangerous for children to collect from due to a steep slope.’

KRA is proud to work with AAR to assist Matuiku School and the contribution takes us ever closer to our goal of providing a sustainable  rainwater harvesting and management system for the school.

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